Vision Hydrogen Provides VoltH2 Progress Report


VoltH2 has commissioned Sweco, Europe’s leading engineering and architecture consultancy, to design two 25MW green hydrogen plants on two of VoltH2’s properties in the North Sea Port, located in Vlissingen and Terneuzen, the Netherlands. Sweco has extensive experience in all aspects of the green hydrogen supply chain, from renewable energy generation and electrolysis production through compression and transport to the end user and is a strong partner for VoltH2.

The planned hydrogen electrolysis plants will be the first in the area and both are being designed to be scalable up to 100MW, potentially generating millions of kilos of green hydrogen from wind and other clean energy inputs. The project locations feature nearby green energy supplies as well as direct access to the Netherlands’ extensive transportation infrastructure.

The European Union’s hydrogen strategy has targeted installations totaling at least 6GW of renewable hydrogen by 2024 and 40GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers by 2030.

“Green hydrogen is positioned to be the intelligent clean energy alternative across a broad range of applications,” said Arron Smyth, VoltH2’s President. “Every day, more and more businesses are looking at HPRE projects – hydrogen production through renewable energy. We are excited to be part of this significant growth opportunity.”

About Vision H2 Operations:

Vision H2 is in the business of designing, developing, building and operating green hydrogen plants in Europe. With two production facilities currently being developed in the Netherlands, both plants are forecasted to be in production in Q1 2023 with the capacity for each to produce 3.5 million kilograms of green hydrogen per year scalable to a combined 24.5 million kilograms per year. The strategic European location will allow for the green hydrogen to be transportable by road, rail and waterways. Local industries will be able to purchase green hydrogen to meet their environmental objectives. 

Vision Hydrogen Corporation is focused on hydrogen production for transportation and power requirements, with a goal of contributing to a clean-energy environment. Our commitment is to provide the highest-quality hydrogen production, storage and distribution services for the hydrogen economy supply chain, serving residential, commercial and government sectors.


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