VoltH2 Clean Hydrogen Production at Scale Production at Scale DECARBONIZE THE WAY WE ENERGIZE

Hydrogen to play a key role in Net-Zero

C02 in Hydrogen
0 %
C02 Reduction
0 Billion
Addressable Market by 2050
0 Billion
C0 2Metric Ton Reduction Possible

Hydrogen is Reliable Renewable Clean Sustainable Scalable


Renewable Wind Energy


Renewable Solar Energy


Renewable Hydro Energy

Energy Transition for Decarbonization in Transportation Vehicle Shipping Aviation Industry


Transport is one of the first sectors where Hydrogen can play a role, either directly used in Fuel Cell powered vehicles (FCEV) or through synthetic eFuels that can be used in regular Internal Combustion Engine powered vehicles.

Heavy Process Industry

Green Hydrogen is set to become the fuel or feedstock of choice to decarbonise sectors where emission reductions are particularly difficult, for example in heavy process industry such as shipping and aviation

Energy Transition

Together we can achieve Net Zero